Interests: literature and thought of the Hebrew Bible and other Second Temple literatures. Poetics, intertextuality, historical-criticism, textual-criticism, history of interpretation, and cultural history.


The Torah Unabridged: The Evolution of Intermarriage Law in the Hebrew Bible. Critical Studies in the Hebrew Bible. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2022. 144 pp. (ISBN 978-164022229).

(Re)reading Ruth. Eugene, OR: Cascade Press, 2022. With Marian Kelsey. 200 pp. (ISBN 978-1725262713)

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Ezekiel: Current Debates and Future Directions. Edited with Penelope Barter. Forschungen zum Alten Testament I: 112. Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck Verlag. 568 pp. (ISBN 978-3-16-153089-0)

The Temple Scroll: Papers Presented at the Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting, St Andrews, July 7-11, 2013. Edited vol. Henoch: Historical and Textual Studies in Ancient and Medieval Judaism and Christianity 36/1. Brescia: Morcelliana. 154 pp. (ISSN 0393-6805)

Gog of Magog: Reuse of Scripture and Compositional Technique in Ezekiel 3839. Forschungen zum Alten Testament II/52. Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck Verlag. 357 pp. (ISBN 978-3-16-150857-8)

Transforming Visions: Transformations of Text, Tradition, and Theology in Ezekiel. Edited with Michael A. Lyons. Princeton Theological Monograph Series 127; Eugene, OR: Pickwick Press.  (UK release by Cambridge: Lutterworth, 2011). 340 pp. (ISBN 978-1-55635-285-0)

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