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My name is Davis Winkie, and I am an incoming PhD student in military/U.S. history at UNC-Chapel Hill. I graduate in May with a B.A. in history and classics from Vanderbilt.

Going into graduate school, my research interests center around American memories of the Second World War. Many scholars have spilled ink excoriating the “good war” myth, but fewer have explored how and why this powerful spell enchanted millions of Americans. To date, I have only undertaken a limited exploration of the phenomena, arguing in a forthcoming paper that the lack of a critical perspective towards American conduct in the war in high school U.S. history textbooks has contributed to the staying power of the “good war” myth. As I progress towards my degree, I hope to embark on a sweeping analysis of this myth. Along the way, I hope to tell the story of the gradual erosion of critical thinking at the hands of the traditionalists (those who aggressively push the “good war” narrative at the expense of truth).


2017 (expected) B.A. Classics; History, Vanderbilt University.

(beginning F17) M.A./PhD. Military/U.S. history, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

J. Davis Winkie

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