I am a librarian at the University of Leicester supporting research in the humanities and social sciences. I develop open access publishing services and collections, including:

I also have an interest in digital humanities and historical GIS. My open Zotero group for History and GIS can be found here.

I trained as a historian and work on the economy and society of eighteenth-century Britain. I have published on the silk industry in London, smuggling and the fiscal-military state. With Tim Reinke-Williams (Northampton) I am working on a study of apprentice migration from Wales, Scotland and Ireland to early modern London.

I am book reviews editor of Local Population Studies and a committee member of CILIP Local Studies Group.

Other Publications

and Andrew Hinde, ‘Review of Recent Periodical Literature’, Local Population Studies, 105 (2020),136-158 .

———,’Review of Recent Periodical Literature’, Local Population Studies, 103 (2019), 76-12.

———, ‘Review of Recent Periodical Literature’, Local Population Studies, 101 (2018), 64-85.

———, ‘Review of Recent Perodical Literature’, Local Population Studies, 99 (2017), 95-109.

———, ‘Review of Recent Perodical Literature’, Local Population Studies, 97 (2016), 61-82.

‘Silk and Globalisation in Eighteenth-Century London: Commodities, People and Connections C.1720-1800’ (PhD Thesis, Birkbeck, University of London, 2014). http://bbktheses.da.ulcc.ac.uk/58/

‘Historical Analysis’, in Sage Encyclopaedia of Consumer Cultures, ed. by Dale Southerton (Sage, 2011), pp. 720-22.

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