design sociologist and speculative design aficionado. I tell stories of alternative nows. Love coffee and good music.

I strongly believe we can shape the future. With my own studio hyperspace, I explore alternative futures of an accelerating world. As lead and ambassador of speculative design at Speculative Futures Amsterdam, I translate my findings into useful ways of challenging the current status quo.

Ambassador Speculative Design at the Maastricht Institute of Arts and lecturer at iArts.

I share my love of pop and media culture on the blog STASIS.


MA Sociology at University of Amsterdam + BA Business and Information Science at University of Economics and Administration in Sittard.


‘Utopia As Practice: Future Thinking as Tranquilizer in an Accelerating world’ (2017). Journal for Humanities. edition #3. Haarlem: Nieuwe Vide.

‘The artist and the new world’ (2015). Reader Culture 3.0: Prosuming the art academy. Den Haag: Lectoraat Kunst, Theorie en Praktijk van KABK.

54.780 Woorden over Nieuwe Media Cultuur in Nederland (2007). Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures en Sandberg Instituut. (pdf)

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    Exploring the possibilities of speculative design in design, business and journalism.

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