Name                                                                   : Swami Narasimhananda

Specialisation:  Indian Studies, Indian Philosophy, Sociology of Religion, Translation Studies, Religious Studies, Philosophy of Religion.

Present Address                                          : Advaita Ashrama

PO Mayavati, Via Lohaghat

Dt Champawat, Uttarakhand

India. Pincode 262524

Mobile: 9330526514

Email:  narasimhananda@gmail.com

Present Work:

Monk of Ramakrishna Order since May 1997.

Editor of the journal Prabuddha Bharata or The Awakened India since August 2014.

Languages Known (Expert Knowledge): English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Bengali

 Other Current Involvements:
Visiting Faculty, Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University.
Editor, H-Celebration on H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online.
Member, Editorial Board, Reading Religion.
Member, International, Interdisciplinary and Interreligious Research Group on ‘Consciousness Studies’, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Roma, Italy.
Member, American Academy of Religion (AAR).


Educational Qualifications                 


(a)          B.Com.

Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, 1996.

(b)         CA Intermediate.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, 1996.

Work Shared in CORE

Book reviews

Other Publications

(a) Details of Publications/Conference Papers Presented


  • Swami Narasimhananda ed. Vivekananda Reader. 2012. Advaita Ashrama. Kolkata.

  • Books (Translations) 

  • Swami Narasimhananda trans. Vivekanandagatapran Netaji Subhash by Swami Videhatmananda. 2014. Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture. Kolkata. 

  • Articles Published in Journals and Magazines 

    1.      Brahmachari Sudhakaran. Yajnavalkya Smriti (Tamil). Ramakrishna Vijayam, July and August, 2000.

    2.      Swami Narasimhananda. Beyond Distinctions. Prabuddha Bharata. December 2008.
    3.      Swami Narasimhananda. Aging: The Indian Context. Prabuddha Bharata. April 2009.
    4.      Swami Narasimhananda–Forerunners of Malayalam Literature–Prabuddha Bharata–September–2010
    5.      Swami Narasimhananda–Vivekdisha: Knowledge in All Directions–Prabuddha Bharata–October–2010
    6.      Swami Narasimhananda–The Story of Shyampukur Bati–Prabuddha Bharata–May–2011
    7.      Swami Narasimhananda–Young India–Prabuddha Bharata–January–2012
    8.      Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–March–2012
    9.      Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–April–2012
    10.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–May–2012
    11.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–June–2012
    12.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–July–2012
    13.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–September–2012
    14.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–October–2012
    15.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–November–2012
    16.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)–Prabuddha Bharata–December–2012
    17.  Swami Narasimhananda. Financial Planning For Employees. Kolkata Kindle—NHRD Kolkata. December 2012.
    18.  Swami Narasimhananda. Bangla Chavi O Shahar Jeevan (Bengali). Anya Shatabdir Chitrakalpo. January 2013.
    19.  Swami Narasimhananda. Jeevan Ka Lakshya (Hindi). Awakening—Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Society, Jamshedpur. January 2013.
    20.  Swami Narasimhananda. Indian Women in the Light of Swami Vivekananda. Naivedya—Kolkata Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Bhavaprachar Parishad. January 2013.
    21.  Swami Narasimhananda–Vivekananda’s Rereading of Vedanta–Prabuddha Bharata–January–2013
    22.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–February–2013
    23.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–March–2013
    24.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–April–2013
    25.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–June–2013
    26.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–July–2013
    27.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–September–2013
    28.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–October–2013
    29.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–November–2013
    30.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–December–2013
    31.  Swami Narasimhananda. Vivekananda’s Concept of Religion. Prabuddha Bharata. January 2014.
    32.  Swami Narasimhananda. Swamijir Bhavanay Aajker Nari (Bengali). Nirbhik Pathik. Special Issue January 2014.
    33.  Swami Narasimhananda. Dheer Kandari (Bengali). Nirbhik Pathik. March-April 2014.
    34.  Swami Narasimhananda. Samasya Mukta Jivan (Bengali). Nirbhik Pathik. September-October 2014.
    35.  Swami Narasimhananda. True Spirituality. Abhih. 2014.
    36.  Swami Narasimhananda. Facing Real-Life Challenges. Awakening with Swami Vivekananda, Fakirchand College, Diamond Harbour, West Bengal. June 2014.
    37.  Swami Narasimhananda. Vivekanandarin Ezhuthattralai Pottriya Thakur (Tamil). Ramakrishna Vijayam. November 2014.
    38.  Swami Narasimhananda. Unpublished Lectures of Swami Vivekananda at the Barber’s—Vedanta: The Soul— Prabuddha Bharata—July 2015.
    39.  Swami Narasimhananda. ‘Vedanta Brain and Islam Body’: Dr A P J Abdul Kalam—Prabuddha Bharata—October 2015.
    40.  Swami Narasimhananda. Do Not Commit Suicide. Abhih. 2015.
    41.  Swami Narasimhananda. Becoming Human. Business Economics. Volume 21, Issue No. 18 (16–31 December 2015).
    42.  Swami Narasimhananda–A Glorious Future Rooted in Heritage–Organiser–67/31–31 January 2016.
    43.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–February–2016.
    44.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–March–2016.
    45.  Swami Narasimhananda–Svarajya Siddhih: Attaining Self-dominion (Translation)Prabuddha Bharata–April–2016.
    46.  Swami Narasimhananda–Phalaharini Kali (Malayalam)–Hindu Vishva—September-October 2016.
    47.  Swami Narasimhananda–The Changing Classroom: Student-Teacher Interaction in an Increasingly Virtual World–Vedanta Kesari–December 2016.
    48.  Swami Narasimhananda–The Myth of Mild Hindu–Organiser–68/31–29 January 2017.
    49.  Swami Narasimhananda–Exploring Religious Education–Organiser–68/41–9 April 2017.
    50.  Swami Narasimhananda–Beyond Formal Education–Organiser–68/47–21 May 2017.
    51.  Swami Narasimhananda–Retuning Family Values–Organiser–69/5–30 July 2017.
    52.  Swami Narasimhananda–The Mild Hindu–Abhih. 2017.
    53.  Swami Narasimhananda–Faces Not Found in Facebook–Organiser–69/9–10 September 2017.
    54.  Swami Narasimhananda–Finding Time–Organiser–69/13–24 September 2017.
    55.  Swami Narasimhananda–Getting High–Organiser–69/15–8 October 2017.
    56.  Swami Narasimhananda– Beyond Gyms and Pills–Organiser–69/44–29 April 2018.
    57.  Swami Narasimhananda–Facing Challenges–Organiser–69/46-13 May 2018.
    58.  Swami Narasimhananda–Loving Literature–Organiser–69/48-27 May 2018.
    59.  Swami Narasimhananda–Swami Vivekananda and the World’s Parliament of Religions, 1893: New Perspectives–Prabuddha Bharata–September and October 2018.
    60.  Swami Narasimhananda–Science and Religion: Two Paths to Truth–Business Economics–Volume 24, Issue No. 11 (01–15 September 2018).
    Articles Published in Leading Newspapers
     1)     Swami Narasimhananda. Sanshay Jakhon Pratyaye Mishe Gelo (Bengali). Aajkal. 12 January 2014.
    2)     Swami Narasimhananda. Virat Rupon Mein Kyon Hain Ma Kali (Hindi). Amar Ujala. 07 October 2016.
    Reviews Published
    1)     Brahmachari Sudhakaran. Mahapurush Maharaj As We Knew Him. Vedanta Kesari. 2001.
    2)     Swami Narasimhananda. Uttara Gita. Prabuddha Bharata. November 2008.
    3)     Swami Narasimhananda. Brahma Kumaris—A Reflexive Tradition. April 2009.
    4)     Swami Narasimhananda. Peace or Perish—There is No Other Choice. December 2009.
    5)     Swami Narasimhananda–The Truth Will Set You Free–Svāmi Pūrnā–Prabuddha Bharata–January–2010
    6)     Swami Narasimhananda–How to Seek God–Swami Yatiswarananda–Prabuddha Bharata–April–2010
    7)     Swami Narasimhananda–Srimad Bhagavata— Condensed in the Poet’s Own Words–Pandit A M Srinivasachariar; trans. Dr V Raghavan–Prabuddha Bharata–June–2010
    8)     Swami Narasimhananda–The Mahabharata—Condensed in the Poet’s Own Words–Pandit A M Srinivasachariar; trans. Dr V Raghavan–Prabuddha Bharata–June–2010
    9)     Swami Narasimhananda–Recovering the Lost Tongue: The Saga of Environmental Struggles in Central India–Rahul Banerjee–Prabuddha Bharata–July–2010
    10) Swami Narasimhananda–Jīvanmukti Viveka of Vidyāranya–Trans. Swami Harshananda and Dr H Ramachandra Swamy–Prabuddha Bharata–September–2010
    11) Swami Narasimhananda–Social Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda–Amulya Ranjan Mohapatra–Prabuddha Bharata–November–2010
    12) Swami Narasimhananda–Self Knowledge–Nome–Prabuddha Bharata–November–2010
    13) Swami Narasimhananda–Towards The Goal–Mrs Vandana Sarathy, Dr Rajeev Ramakrishna–Prabuddha Bharata–January–2011
    14) Swami Narasimhananda–Encyclopedia of Kashmiri Pandit Culture and Heritage–C L Kaul–Prabuddha Bharata–February–2011
    15) Swami Narasimhananda–Holy Mother, Swamiji, and Direct Disciples at Madras–Ramakrishna Math Chennai–Prabuddha Bharata–May–2011
    16) Swami Narasimhananda–How to Organize Life? A Vedanta Kesari Presentation–Ramakrishna Math Chennai–Prabuddha Bharata–June–2011
    17) Swami Narasimhananda–Swaraj: Thoughts of Gandhi, Tilak, Aurobindo, Raja Rammohun Roy, Tagore & Vivekananda–Amulya Ranjan Mohapatra–Prabuddha Bharata–February–2012
    18) Swami Narasimhananda–Great Thinkers on Ramakrishna Vivekananda–Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture–Prabuddha Bharata–June–2012
    19) Swami Narasimhananda–Introduction to Hindu Dharma–Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal; ed. Michael Owen Fitzgerald–Prabuddha Bharata–January–2013
    20) Swami Narasimhananda–Man in Search of Immortality: Testimonials from the Hindu Scriptures–Swami Nikhilananda–Prabuddha Bharata–January–2013
    21) Swami Narasimhananda–The Labyrinth of Solitude–K D Prithipaul–Prabuddha Bharata–May–2013
    22) Swami Narasimhananda–The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs–Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa and Michael Tierra–Prabuddha Bharata–November–2013
    23) Swami Narasimhananda–Lectures on Patanjalis Mahabhashya Volumes IX and X–P S Subrahmanya Sastri–Prabuddha Bharata–June 2014.
    24) Swami Narasimhananda–Bodhisattvas of the Forest and the Formation of the Mahayana–Daniel Boucher–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2014.
    25) Swami Narasimhananda–The Journal of Oriental Research, Madras, 2010–2012–Eds Dr V Kamesari, Dr K S Balasubramanian, and Dr T V Vasudeva–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2014.
    26) Swami Narasimhananda–The Rainforest or From Protozoa to God–Parimal Mukhopadhyay–Prabuddha Bharata–September 2014.
    27) Swami Narasimhananda–Management A New Look—Lessons from Sarada Ma’s Life and Teaching–Dr Abani Nath Mukhopadhyay–Prabuddha Bharata–September 2014.
    28) Swami Narasimhananda–Postcolonial Reason and Its Critique–Eds Purushottama Billimoria and Dina Al-Kassim–Prabuddha Bharata–December 2014.
    29) Swami Narasimhananda–The Buddhist Dead–Eds Bryan J Cuevas and Jacqueline I Stone–Prabuddha Bharata–January 2015.
    30) Swami Narasimhananda–Beyond Sacred Violence: A Comparative Study of Sacrifice–Kathryn McClymond–Prabuddha Bharata–February 2015.
    31) Swami Narasimhananda–Famly Values–Harry Brighouse and Adam Swift–Prabuddha Bharata–February 2015.
    32) Swami Narasimhananda–God Without Being–Jean-Luc Marion–Prabuddha Bharata–February 2015.
    33) Swami Narasimhananda–Journey to Foreign Selves–Alan Roland–Prabuddha Bharata–February 2015.
    34) Swami Narasimhananda–Minimal Theologies–Hent de Vries–Prabuddha Bharata–February 2015.
    35) Swami Narasimhananda–The Western Construction of Religion–Daniel Dubuisson–Prabuddha Bharata–February 2015.
    36) Swami Narasimhananda–Dharma: Its Early History in Law, Religion, and Narrative–Alf Hiltebeitel–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    37) Swami Narasimhananda–Divine Self, Human Self: The Philosophy of Being in Two Gita Commentaries–Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    38) Swami Narasimhananda–Fate and Fortune in the Indian Scriptures–Sukumari Bhattacharji–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    39) Swami Narasimhananda–Humour and Religion: Challenges and Ambiguities–Eds Hans Geybels and Walter Van Herck–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    40) Swami Narasimhananda–Sir John Woodroffe, Tantra and Bengal: An Indian Soul in a European Body?–Kathleen Taylor–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    41) Swami Narasimhananda–Sites of Asian Interaction: Ideas, Network, and Mobility–Eds Tim Harper and Sunil Amrith–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    42) Swami Narasimhananda–Tragic Views of the Human Condition–Lourens Minnerna–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    43) Swami Narasimhananda–Truth–Alexis G Burgess and John P Burgess–Prabuddha Bharata–March 2015.
    44) Swami Narasimhananda–Secularism and Religion in Multi-faith Societies: The Case of IndiaRagini Sen, Wolfgang Wagner, and Caroline Howarth– Prabuddha Bharata–December 2015.
    45) Swami Narasimhananda–Pages from the Past Part 1Rameshwar Tantia–Prabuddha Bharata–February 2016.
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    47) Swami Narasimhananda–Cut of the RealKaterina Kolozova–Prabuddha Bharata–May 2016.
    48) Swami Narasimhananda–Intellectuals and PowerFrancois Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–July 2016.
    49) Swami Narasimhananda–The Tagore Geddes CorrespondenceBashabi Fraser–Prabuddha Bharata–September 2016.
    50) Swami Narasimhananda–Why Grow Up?Susan Neiman–Prabuddha Bharata–October 2016.
    51) Swami Narasimhananda–The Problem With Interreligious DialogueMuthuraj Swamy–Reading Religion–October 2016.
    52) Swami Narasimhananda–Interreligious Comparisons in Religious Studies and Theology–Perry Schmidt-Leukel and Andreas Nehring–Reading Religion–February 2017.
    53) Swami Narasimhananda–Argument and Design: The Unity of the Mahabharata–Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee–Reading Religion–February 2017.
    54) Swami Narasimhananda–An Introduction to Indian Philosophy–Roy W. Perrett–Reading Religion–May 2017.
    55) Swami Narasimhananda–The Gathering of Intentions: A History of A Tibetan Tantra–John P Dalton–Indian Philosophy Blog–May 2017.
    56) Swami Narasimhananda–Sharing Wisdom: Benefits and Boundaries of Interreligious Learning–Alon Goshen-Gottstein–Reading Religion–June 2017.
    57) Swami Narasimhananda–All Thoughts Are Equal: Laruelle and Nonhuman Philosophy–John Ó Maoilearca–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    58) Swami Narasimhananda–Laruelle: Against the Digital–Alexander R Galloway–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    59) Swami Narasimhananda–Dictionary of Non-Philosophy–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    60) Swami Narasimhananda–Photo-Fiction, A Non-Standard Aesthetics–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    61) Swami Narasimhananda–Philosophy and Non-Philosophy–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    62) Swami Narasimhananda–Introduction to Non-Marxism–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    63) Swami Narasimhananda–Struggle and Utopia at the End Times of Philosophy–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    64) Swami Narasimhananda–The Concept of Non-Photography–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    65) Swami Narasimhananda–From Decision to Heresy: Experiments in Non-Standard Thought–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    66) Swami Narasimhananda–Christo Fiction–François Laruelle–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2017.
    67) Swami Narasimhananda–Hinduism in the Modern World–Brian A Hatcher–Reading Religion–August 2017.
    68) Swami Narasimhananda–Finders Keepers?—A True Story in India–Robert Arnett–Prabuddha Bharata–September 2017.
    69) Swami Narasimhananda–Free: Why Science Hasn’t Disproved Free Will–Alfred R Mele–Prabuddha Bharata–September 2017.
    70) Swami Narasimhananda–Teresa, My Love: An Imagined Life of the Saint of Avila—A Novel–Julia Kristeva–Prabuddha Bharata–October 2017.
    71) Swami Narasimhananda–Interreligious Encounters–Michael Amaladoss–Reading Religion–November 2017.
    72) Swami Narasimhananda–Sweet–Nileen Putatunda–Prabuddha Bharata–January 2018.
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    74) Swami Narasimhananda–The Rig Veda–Translated by Stephanie W Jamison and Joel P Brereton–Reading Religion–May 2018.
    75) Swami Narasimhananda–The Upanishads–Signe Cohen–Reading Religion–June 2018.
    76) Swami Narasimhananda–The Lily of the Field and The Bird of the Air: Three Godly Discourses–Søren Kierkegaard–Prabuddha Bharata–June 2018.
    77) Swami Narasimhananda–Why Philosophize?–Jean-François Lyotard–Prabuddha Bharata–June 2018.
    78) Swami Narasimhananda–Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy–François Lyotard–Prabuddha Bharata–July 2018.
    79) Swami Narasimhananda–What Kind of Creatures Are We?–Noam Chomsky–Prabuddha Bharata–August 2018.
    80) Swami Narasimhananda–The Triumph of Religion Preceded by Discourse to Catholics–Jacques Lacan–Prabuddha Bharata–September 2018.
    81) Swami Narasimhananda–The Enemies of Excellence–Greg Salciccioli–Prabuddha Bharata–October 2018.
    82) Swami Narasimhananda–The Heartfulness Way–Kamlesh D Patel and Joshua Pollock–Prabuddha Bharata–November 2018.
    Book Chapters and Encyclopaedia Entries
    1)     Swami Narasimhananda. Karma Yoga: The Path of Non-theistic Self-unfoldment in ‘Swami Vivekananda—New Perspectives’. Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata. 2013.
    2)     Swami Narasimhananda. Sister Nivedita, the Dedicated in ‘Learning from the Lasses—Women of the Patrick Geddes’ Circle’. Luath Press, Edinburgh. 2014.
    3)     Swami Narasimhananda. Sri Ramakrishna’s Harmony of Religions in ‘Reflections on Harmony of Religions’. Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata. 2014.
    4)     Swami Narasimhananda. Swamijiyin ‘Kizhakkum Merkum’ Noolai Pattri Ravindranath Thakurin Karutthu in ‘Swami Vivekanandar Pattri Mahakavi Bharathiyar Kooriyavai’ by Swami Kamalatmananda. Vol 1. Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai. 2014.
    5)     Swami Narasimhananda. ‘The Formation of the Himalayas According to the Mahābhārata’ in The Himalayas: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture eds Andrew J Hund and James A Wren. abc-clio, Santa Barbara, usa. 2018.      
    6)     Swami Narasimhananda. ‘Spiritual and Religious Tapestry of the Himalayas’ in The Himalayas: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture eds Andrew J Hund and James A Wren. abc-clio, Santa Barbara, usa. 2018.
    Papers presented/Speeches in Conferences/Seminars
     1.      Sociology of Religious Identities. International Seminar on ‘Religion, Society, and Postmodernity’. Department of Sociology. Jadavpur University. 9 February 2012.
    2.      Interpretation of Religious Texts. International Conference on ‘Religion and Globalization: A Changing Perspective’. Department of Sociology. Jadavpur University. 29-30 November and 1 December 2012.
    3.      Pali Sahitya O Bauddha Sanskriti—Prasangikata (Bengali). National Seminar. Department of Pali. University of Calcutta. 31 May 2013.
    4.      The Educational and Religious Thought of Swami Vivekananda. Seminar on Swami Vivekananda. Department of Philosophy. Shibpur Dinobundhoo Institution (College), Kolkata. 12 September 2013.
    5.      Valedictory Address at the Fourth Level of Navya-Nyaya Course in National Textual Workshop at Asiatic Society, Kolkata on 29.03.2014.
    6.      Vedanta and Management. 3rd International Conference on ‘Vedic Foundations of Indian Management’, Department of Management Studies and ISOL, IIT Roorkee. 29 November 2014.
    7.      Hinduism Today. International Seminar on ‘Religion Today’, Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University, 6 February 2015.
    8.      Conducted ‘Personality Development’ and ‘Spirituality and Productivity’ workshops in Globsyn Business School, Kolkata on 2 and 4 February 2015.
    9.      Francois Laruelle’s Non-Philosophy—A Syncretic Understanding of Experiential Transcendence of Post-Structuralist Globalisation, National Seminar on ‘Globalization, Environment and Women: Understanding the Linkage’, Department of Commerce, Swami Vivekanand Government P G College, Lohaghat, Uttarakhand, 12–13 March 2016.
    10.  A Non-Philosophical Approach to the Sociology of Religious Pluralism, UK-BRIC International Conference on the Sociology of Religion in a Pluralistic Society organized by Jadavpur University in collaboration with Lancaster University, UK at the Centre for Study of Religion and Society, Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University, 7–9 April 2016.
    11.  Values-based Education: Challenges in Implementation and Designing the Curriculum, National Seminar on ‘Indian Education System and Human Values: Understanding the Relationship and Analysing the Need’, Department of Commerce, Swami Vivekanand Government P G College, Lohaghat, Uttarakhand, 19–20 March 2017.
    12.  Standardising Book Publication Workflow and Improving Quality to Match International Standards, Conference on Publication of Books, Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math, West Bengal, 12 October 2017.
    13.  Retrotopic Effect as Seen in Vaishnavism in India, International Conference on Vaishnavism: Theory and Practice organized by Jadavpur University in collaboration with Stockholm University, Sweden, at the Centre for Study of Religion and Society, Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University, 18–19 December 2017.
    14.  A Scripture as a Guide to the Study of Other Scriptures: Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrta as a Hermeneutical Toolkit, National Seminar on Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrta, organized by the Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR) at the India International Centre, 19–21 February 2018.
    (b) Details of Research/Consultancy Projects
     1.      Gives classes in the ‘Postgraduate Diploma in Religion, Society, and Social work’ at the Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
     (c) Other Publications
     Short Stories Published 
    1)     Swami Narasimhananda. Neshar Sadhan, Sadhaner Nesha (Bengali). Rosatol. Issue No.7, 2012.
    2)     Swami Narasimhananda. Third Umpire (Bengali). Rosatol. Issue No. 8, 2013.

    Poems Published
    1)     Swami Narasimhananda. Tomar Sandhane (Bengali). Udbodhan 118/6 (10 June 2016, Ashad 1423).



    Member, American Academy of Religion (AAR).
    Member, Editorial Board, Reading Religion.
    Member, International, Interdisciplinary and Interreligious Research Group on ‘Consciousness Studies’, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Roma, Italy.

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