PhD student in Contemporary Studies at University of Coimbra (Portugal), researching about memory of school time in a sociodynamic perspective.


  • PhD student in Contemporary Studies – University of Coimbra, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, CEIS20 (Portugal)

  • Master in History of Art, Heritage and Cultural Tourism – Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UC (Portugal)

  • Master in Marketing and Communication Polytechnical Institute of Coimbra, ESEC/ESTGOH (Portugal)

  • Specialist in History of Art – University of Coimbra (Portugal)

  • Graduated in Artistic Education qualification in drawing – UFRN (Brazil)

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Memory and Education – Narratives of school time during Estado Novo in Portugal

The sociodynamic perspective proposes to reflect on memories as a social and dynamic dialogue between the past and the present. The imagined, lived or idealized experiences are manifested in the memory narratives in their form, reflecting the influences of time, space, conditions and their effects.
Through a qualitative research on how the mnemonic register manifests itself in the memories of former teachers from the school time during the regime, this work proposes to study the social memory of the school, verifying how it is summoned and equated in the interpretation of childhood and school time during the Estado Novo. In this sense, the sociodynamic perspective of school memory emerges as a potential contribution to new research in the context of the History of Education.


Itineraries of pedagogical innovation: reference schools and experiences in Portugal in the twentieth century [Scholarship Researcher 2019-2019] – Grant_number: PTDC/MHC-CED/0893/2014


Ensino Técnico Profissional Brasil-Portugal como espaço de circulação de ideias: Por uma historiografia do ensino comercial paraibano e conimbricence [Researcher 2022-] – Grant_number: CNPq – Proc.406454/2021-3(2022-2025)


Research Group Afiliation

– GRUPOEDE – Educational Policies, Organizations and Dynamics Group – UC/CEIS20 (Portugal)
– Grupo de Pesquisa em História da Educação e Controles – UFBP (Brazil)
– Rede Internacional para Investigação em Educação
– Rede VCC – Visões Cruzadas sobre a Contemporaneidade – UC/CEIS20 (Portugal)

International Associations

– ISCHE – International Standing Conference for the History of Education
– HES – History of Education Society, USA.
– HES – History of Education Society, UK.
– HISTEDUP – Associação de História da Educação de Portugal, Portugal.
– OHA – Oral History Association

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