At heart, I’m a phenomenologist. This is the lens with which I investigate my primary interests of religion, sexuality, and culture, reflecting my passion for interdisciplinarity amongst the humanities and social sciences. Through this, I come into contact with practical theology, critical theory, queer theory, and psychoanalytic theory, along with other fields of discourse. With a theo-ethical foundation in deconstructive and existential hermeneutics, I work to discover phenomenological methods, theological insights, and practical approaches relating to the lived experiences LGBTQ persons and communities, intersecting theory with practice in clinical and community advocacy contexts, with ultimate outcomes in the forms of strategies in advocacy, policy, and pedagogy.


Master of Theological Studies, 2018
With certification in History, Theology, and Ethics
Brite Divinity School; Fort Worth, Texas
Final Project Title: Eros and the Hermeneutics of Sexuality: Constructing a Framework of Interpretation for a Philosophical Hermeneutic of Sex and Sexuality

Bachelor of General Studies, 2011
West Texas A&M University; Canyon, Texas

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