Postdoctoral Scholar

Department of Ethnomusicology

The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Ethnomusicologist, Historian.
Area of interest:
Musical cultures of Iran (Persia)
History of music in Iran and the Middle East.

Recording industry in non-Western cultures.


PhD, Musicology (2017), Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

MA, History (2006), University of Tehran, Iran.

BA, Music (2002), University of Tehran, Iran.

Other Publications

English Publications:

2016: “Chef de Musique or Chef de Macaroni: The Twisted History of the European Military Music in Persia.” Rivista Italiana di Musicologia. No. 51. pp. 51-88.

2015: Musical Souvenirs: European Transcriptions of Persian Music (1600-1910). Tehran: Mahoor.

2014: Let No One Judge You: Early Recordings from Iran, 1906-1933. London: Honest Jon’s Records.

2011: “Persian Records by the Lindström Company: Triangle of Political Relationships, Local Agents and Recording Company.” The Lindström Project, Contributions to the history of the record industry Beiträge zur Geschichte der Schallplattenindustrie. Eds. Pekka Gronow, Christiane Hofer (Wien: Gesellschaft für Historische Tonträger), V 3, 121-128.

2006: “Qand-i Pārsī: An Introduction to Twenty Persian Texts on Indo-Persian Music.” Journal of the Indian Musicological Society. V 36-7. pp 40-60.


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Mohsen Mohammadi

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