Megan M. Ferry’s interdisciplinary scholarly research and publications are broad-ranging, exploring the media and gender studies in modern China, as well as China-Latin America and China-Africa relations. Professor Ferry received her BA in Asian Studies and German from Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts, USA) and her MA and Phd in Comparative Literature (Chinese and German) at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA). She is currently Chair and Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Union College (New York, USA)


Washington University-St. Louis, Comparative Literature (Chinese and German languages and literatures), PhD August 1998 Dissertation: “Chinese Women Writers of the 1930s and Their Critical Reception.”

Washington University-St. Louis, Comparative Literature, MA, Fall, 1993

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Asian Studies/German, BA, cum laude, 1989

Other Publications


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  • Chinese Language proficiency exam for Checkpoint C of the New York State, using Regents Exam criteria and format. Exam distributed to Chinese high school language teachers in the Capital District for piloting, 2009. Still in use in Capital District public schools.

  • Chinese Language proficiency exam for Checkpoint A of the New York State, using Proficiency Exam criteria and format. Exam distributed to Chinese high school language teachers in the Capital District for piloting, 2009. Still in use in Capital District public schools.


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    • Mediated Encounters with China in Latin America (manuscript in process)

      • China and Latin America: Keywords: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombian cinema

      • Fraternal Touches and Smiling Faces: Soft Power Machinations in the Eyes of Manuel Zapata Olivella’s 1952 Visit to China” Keywords: Pan-African movement, Peace Conference, people’s diplomacy

    • China and Africa: Keywords: Nigeria, Dem. Republic of Congo cinema

    •  Advanced Language Learning through Multiple Literacies (manuscript, in progress)

    • “Are They Ready To Travel? Today’s College Students and Study Abroad.” Keywords: mental health, millennials, study abroad, technology, risk-taking, human development (essay)

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