I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Musicology at Uppsala Univeristy, with my project Resounding Worship: Networks of Musical Devotion in the European Reformations, 1520-1648. I previously held postdoctoral positions at the University of Salzburg and most recently at KU Leuven.

My research interests include book history, Reformation and Counter-Reformation liturgies, early modern musical performance practices, and the musical and devotional lives of beguines. You can read more about my research on my university profile and on my blog.


PhD in Music, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

MA in Music, Bangor University, Bangor, UK.

BA with a Major in Music, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, Canada.



‘Interconfessional Implications: Printed Plainchant in the Wake of the Reformation.’ Music & Letters 102.4 (2021) 657–86 [Open Access].

‘Archiepiscopal Archetypes, Printed Books, and Parish Practices: Musical Notation in Editions of the Missale Salisburgense (1492–1515).’ Florilegium 34 (2017; published 2021), 119–46 [Abstract].

‘Plantin’s  Antiphonarium Romanum (Antwerp, 1571–3): Creating a Chant Book During the Catholic Reformation.’ Acta Musicologica 93.1 (2021), 19–42 [Abstract].

‘Editorial endeavours: Approaches to plainchant revision in early modern Italian printed graduals.’ Plainsong and Medieval Music 29.1 (2020), 51–80 [Abstract].

‘Retrofitting Plainchant: The Incorporation and Adaptation of “Tridentine” Liturgical Changes in Italian Printed Graduals, 1572–1653.’ The Journal of Musicology 36.3 (2019), 331–69 [Abstract].

‘“Shall the dead arise and praise you?” Revisions to the Missa pro defunctis in Italian printed graduals, 1591–1621.’ Troja 13 (2014; published 2017), 59–80 [Open Access].

‘Eastern Orthodox Spirituality in the Choral Music of Igor Stravinsky.’ Choral Journal 49.2 (2008), 8–25.

Book Chapters

‘The Constance Gradual (c. 1470-73).’ The Museum of Renaissance Music: A History in 100 Exhibits, eds. Vincenzo Borghetti and Tim Shephard (Brepols, 2022), 144-7.

(With Miriam M. Wendling) ‘Resources for Singing,’ Medieval Latin Liturgy: A Research Guide, eds. Daniel J. DiCenso and Andrew Irving (Brill, forthcoming).

Cantate domino canticum novum? A re-examination of ‘Post-Tridentine’ chant revision in Italian printed graduals.’ The Council of Trent: Reform and Controversy in Europe and Beyond (1545–1700), 3 vols., ed. Violet Soen and Wim François,(Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, 2018), 3: 159–181 [Preview].


Plainchant copy-editor. Heinrich Isaac Opera Omnia II: Choralis Constantinus II. Eds., Giovanni Zanovello, David J. Burn, Ruth I. DeFord, and Stefan Gasch (Münster and Middleton: American Institute of Musicology) [forthcoming].


‘Online Resources: The Printed Edition.’ Early Music 47.4 (2019), 595–7 [Preview].

Review of A Paradise of Priests: Singing the Civic and Episcopal Hagiography of Medieval Liège by Catherine Saucier, Louvain Studies 40 (2017), 227–9.

Review of St. Anne in Renaissance Music: Devotion and Politics by Michael Alan Anderson, Louvain Studies 39 (2016), 127–8.

Invited Blogposts

Sounding Huizinga: Curating The Autumn of the Middle Ages Playlist‘. The Historian (2020).

Cultivating a (Virtual) Conference Community’. the many-headed monster (2020).


Interview for the Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience (2019) [English] [Dutch translation].

Invited Lectures

‘Protests, Processionals, and Plainchant: (Counter)-Reforming Religious Identities in Early Modern Antwerp’. University of Huddersfield Research Centre for Music, Culture and Identity, Huddersfield, UK (03/2022).

‘Paradigmatic Prints and Particular Performances: Music, Liturgies, and Identities in Early Modern Antwerp’. Miraeus Lecture of the Flemish Book Historical Society (03/2019) [Abstract].


With Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl (Project Leader), Kristina Dill,  Elisabeth Giselbrecht, Moritz Kelber, Grantley McDonald, and Karina Zybina. Verzeichnis deutscher Musikfrühdrucke / Catalogue of early German printed music, Universität Salzburg 20122020: http://www.vdm.sbg.ac.at/db/music_prints.php


Blog Posts


    Resounding Worship: Networks of Musical Devotion in the European Reformations, 1520-1648.

    • Marie Skłodowska Curie Action (European Union, Horizon 2020 funding), 2022–2024.

    • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Seal of Excellence Fellowship (Vinnova and the Swedish Strategy Group for EU-Coordination), 2021–2022.

    According to Antwerp, Reformed to Rome: Music, Liturgies, and Identities in the Bishopric of Antwerp (15591801).

    • Flemish Fund for Scientific Research Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2018–2021.

    • Abstract

    Singing the Liturgy after Trent: An Examination of Early Modern Antwerp.

    • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, KU Leuven and the Alamire Foundation.

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    For a full list of conference papers, see my ORCID record.

    ‘Peripheral Plainchant? Musical Individuation and Exchange in Editions from Nuremberg and Riga’. Printing Centers and Peripheries in the Early Modern Period, Vilnius, Lithuania (10/2023).

    ‘Contrafaction, Plainchant, and Polyphony in the Rigan Reformation’. Contrafact in the Middle Ages, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences; held online (10/2023).

    (With Miriam M. Wendling) ‘Little Known Books, Unsung Songs: Liturgical Books for Late-Medieval and Early Modern Women in the Low Countries’. Salzinnes Symposium, Namur, Belgium (12/2023).


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