Maddalena Fragnito is an artist and feminist militant researcher. Currently, she is a Doctoral Student at Coventry University’s Centre for Postdigital Cultures. Her research explores the necropolitical assumptions of capitalist care organisation and focuses on activist care practices: their moving ethics and politics facing the privatisation and digitisation of social reproduction, and the intertwining of the environmental crisis and the increasing attack on (human and non-human) life.

She cofounded MACAO (2012), an autonomous cultural centre in Milan, and SopraSotto (2013), a self-managed kindergarten by parents. She is part of the research groups Pirate Care (2019), OBOT (2020) and Institute of Radical Imagination (2021). Her last co-edited publications are Rebelling with Care (WeMake, 2019) and Ecologie della cura: Prospettive transfemministe (Orthotes, 2021).

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