PhD, University of Chicago, Hebrew Bible
MA, Yale University, Hebrew Bible
BA, Northeastern University, English Literature

Other Publications

Dissertation Spotlight | Story and Sacrifice: Ritual, Narrative, and the Priestly Source,” Ancient Jew Review (March 2019).

On the State of Pentateuchal Criticism,” Ancient Jew Review (November 2014).

Blog Posts


    The Story of Sacrifice: Ritual and Narrative in the Priestly Pentateuchal Source (monograph under review).

    The Priestly Narrative: A Hebrew Edition with English Translation and Introduction (proposal under review).


    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    “Composing Ritual: The Epistemology of Sacrifice in the Hebrew Bible.” SBL Annual Meeting, November 24, 2019.

    “The Priestly Narrative: A Biography.” SBL Annual Meeting, November 24, 2019.



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