My recently completed thesis examines Paul’s body through a socio-cultural model of disability, examining first the various ways in which Paul was physically impaired as well as the social and cultural ramifications of his impairments. Understanding the way Paul was disabled affects our interpretation of key aspects of the Pauline corpus where his disability arises. This study will contribute both the further analysis of disability in the New Testament and early Christianity but also to the fruitful theological dialogue surrounding disability and contemporary Christianity.

My current research focuses on the bodies of early Christian figures from the perspective of disability, gender, and trauma.



PhD in Theology and Religion, The University of Durham (2021)
MPhil in New Testament, The University of Oxford (2017)
Master of Theology, Wesley Institute (Excelsia) (2013)
Bachelor of Contemporary Ministry, Alphacrucis College (2011)
Diploma of Ministry, Hillsong International Leadership College (2009)

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