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    I am a PhD candidate in history and Scottish studies at the University of Guelph. My research uses natural language processing and word embeddings (vector space modelling) to examine how language was used to exert control in early modern Scotland, placing particular emphasis upon gender and the construction and regulation of ambition. I am especially interested in computational methods of text analysis and the digital dissemination of historical research through mapping, visualizations, digital publication, and podcasting.

    My work explores the intersections between culture, power, society, discourse, gender, and change in the early modern world and has thus focused on themes of perception, identity and identity performance, gender, power, authority, and social control. It takes feminist and interdisciplinary approach to the study of history that draws upon sociological theory, literary analysis, and the digital humanities Further research interests include the creation of cultural identities in Scotland, the history of emotions, and literary, filmic, and gaming representations of the past.

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    Baer-Tsarfati, Lisa. “Gender, Authority, and Control: Male Invective and the Restriction of Female Ambition in Early Modern Scotland and England, 1583-1616”, International Review of Scottish Studies, 44 (2019): 35-56.

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