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    Ph.D in Library and Information science

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    1.      Gurjeet kaur (2015). The Future and Changing Roles of Academic Libraries in the Digital Age. Indian Journal of Information Sources and Services, 5(1), 29-3

    2.      Lalitha k.sami, & Gurjeet kaur (2016) awareness and use of electronic information resources in the research institute libraries of mohali, Punjab.  Journal of Library, Information and  Communication Technology (JLICT), 8 (1-2),1-7.

    3.      Lalitha k.sami, & Gurjeet kaur(2016) .Use of Electronic Information Resources in CSIR-IMTECH Library, Chandigarh: A Study. Indian Journal of Information Sources and Services, 6(2), 13-18.

    4.      Gurjeet kaur, & Lalitha k.sami (2016). Users’ behavior regarding Electronic Information Resources in the Library of NIPER Mohali. International Journal for Innovative research in multidisciplinary field,2(8), 213-17.

    5.      Gurjeet kaur (2016). Impact of Electronic Information Resources on Users of Social Science Departments in Gulbarga University. International Research: Journal of Library & Information Science ,6(4),578-89.

          6. Gurjeet kaur (2018).  RDM and its Services for Indian Universities Libraries. International Journal of Innovative Knowledge Concepts, 6 (10), 116-119.

            7. Gurjeet kaur (2018).  Use of N-list E- resources by the users of govt. aided college library of Phagwara. a study. International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews,5 (4), 295-298

    8.       8.   Gurjeet kaur (2018).  Self-Efficacy to use Electronic Information Resources. A study on the users of Research Institutes of Punjab. International Journal of Library & Information Science,7(1), 7-12.

    9.      Gurjeet kaur (2018).  Attitude and Satisfaction of Users regarding Electronic Information Resources in the Libraries of Research Institutes of Jalandhar.  International Research: Journal of Library & Information Science, 8 (1), 114-126.

    10.  Gurjeet kaur (2018).  User’s attitude towards Electronic Information Resources at CPRI and CIHT, Jalandhar, Punjab. Library Progress (International), 38(20,211-218.

    11.  Gurjeet kaur (2018).  A review of new and emerging area of Nano technology and its application in libraries. Research Link,16(12),34-37

    Article in Book: 

    12.  Gurjeet kaur (2019) . Diffuse Libraries: The Emergence of E-research and Refining the Role of Research Library. Information Communication Technology in Education: Vision and Realities, ed. 1,pp.137-144, ISBN 978-81-938019-1-8

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