Dr. Rebecca Frost Davis is the Director for Instructional and Emerging Technology at St. Edward’s University; her work focuses on the intersections of digital pedagogy and liberal education.  She is co-editor of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments, a curated collection of nearly 600 pedagogical artifacts with introductory essays for 59 keywords relevant to digital pedagogy to be published by the MLA in 2019.  Her recent publications focus on how the digital ecosystem affects teaching in learning. These include “Pedagogy and Learning in a Digital Ecosystem” in Jessie Moore and Randy Bass, eds. Understanding Writing Transfer and its Implications for Higher Education, “Redefining Learning Places in the Emerging Digital Ecosystem” in Deric Shannon & Jeffery Galle (Eds.), From the Abstract to the Quotidian: Reflections on Pedagogy and Place, and “A Pedagogy of Openness in the Digital Humanities” (co-authored with Carl Blyth) in Carl Blyth & Joshua Thoms (Eds.), Open Education and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching: The Rise of a New Knowledge Ecology (forthcoming 2019).


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