Indiana University (Religious Studies, PhD 2008, MA 2001)

Western Michigan University (Comparative Religion, Biomedical Sciences, BA 1995)

Other Publications


Moment of Reckoning: Imagined Death and Its Consequences in Late Ancient Christianity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019.

Hear interviews about the book at:

Angels in Late Ancient Christianity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Volume of Translations

Practice, volume 2 of The Cambridge Edition of Early Christian Writings (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017).

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

“The Will of Others: Coercion, Captivity, and Choice in Late Antiquity,” with Mira Balberg. Studies in Late Antiquity 2.3 (2018): 294-315.

“The Morphing Portrait of a Church Father: Evidence from the de morte (PG 4886) attributed to John Chrysostom.” Eirene: Studia Graeca et Latina 52 (2016): 407-19.

“Simeon and Other Women in Theodoret’s Religious History: Gender in the Representation of Late Ancient Christian Asceticism.” Journal of Early Christian Studies 23.4 (2015): 583-606.

“The Legend of Arius’s Death: Imagination, Space, and Filth in Late Ancient Historiography.”  Past & Present: A Journal of Historical Studies 277 (2015): 3-29.

“Salvage: Macrina and the Christian Project of Cultural Reclamation.” Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture 81 (2012): 273-97.

“Preserving the Divine: αὐτο- Prefixed Generative Terms and the Untitled Treatise in the Bruce Codex.” Vigiliae Christianae 65 (2011): 311-28.

“Ambivalence about the Angelic Life: The Promise and Perils of an Early Christian Discourse of Asceticism.” Journal of Early Christian Studies 16 (2008): 447-78.

“The Representation of Theatricality in Philo’s Embassy to Gaius.” Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman Periods 39 (2008): 46-67.

Contributions to Edited/Conference Volumes

“Affecting Rhetoric: The Adoption of Ethopoeia in Evagrius of Pontus’s Ascetic Program,” in Monastic Education in Late Antiquity: The Transformation of Classical Paideia, ed. Lillian I. Larsen and Samuel Rubenson (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), 182-94. 

“Theological Anthropology and Medicine: Questions and Directions for Research.” Studia Patristica 80 (2017): 37-50.

“Angel.” Late Ancient Knowing: Explorations in Intellectual History, ed. Catherine M. Chin and Moulie Vidas (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2015), 117-33.

“Negotiations with Death: Ephrem’s Control of Death in Dialogue.” Shifting Frontiers VIII: Shifting Cultural Frontiers in Late Antiquity, ed. David Brakke, Deborah Deliyannis, and Ed Watts (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2012), 23-34.




Reading, an edited volume of translations of late ancient texts in The Cambridge Edition of Early Christian Writings series, with Cambridge University Press, slated for delivery in 2021.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

I’ll be at the American Academy of Religion meeting in San Diego, Nov 23-26. Come see the panel on my recent book, Moment of Reckoning, on Tuesday the 26th, 9:00-11:30 AM, at the Hilton Bayfront, Sapphire E (4th floor).

In January 2020, I’m headed to Texas to give a talk at UT-Austin’s Late Antiquity Workshop. Come hear “The Prostitute and the Paint: Conjured Agency and Its Thrills in Late Antiquity” on Thursday the 23rd (more info to come).

And, in March 2020, I’m heading back to San Diego to give a talk—“Who’s Who: Recognition in Narrative and Late Ancient Christianity”—at UCSD’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Talk is on Monday the 9th, but I’ll be sticking around to teach a class the 10th, too.


See you out there!


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