Elizabeth Chang focuses in her research and teaching on the literature and visual culture of nineteenth-century Britain, with a particular emphasis on the cultural productions of the British empire during the Victorian era. Her monograph Britain’s Chinese Eye: Literature, Empire and Aesthetics in the Nineteenth Century (Stanford 2009) traces the cultural influences of Chinese places, things, and people, real and imagined, on the development of a modern British literary and visual culture in the nineteenth century. She is also the editor of a five-volume collection of nineteenth-century British travel writing from China (Pickering and Chatto 2010). Most recently she has published Novel Cultivations: Plants in British Literature of the Global Nineteenth Century (Virginia 2019), which takes up the role of plants as both setting and subject in the Victorian genre novel to argue for a reconfigured understanding of environmental agency in popular literature.


PhD 2004, University of California-Berkeley

Other Publications

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“‘Eyes of the Proper Almond Shape’: Blue-and-White China in the British Imaginary,” Nineteenth-Century Studies 18 (2005): 17-34.

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    “Mobile China”

    Book-length project arguing for the articulation of sovereign claims through narrative forms of mobility, disability, and propriception, using British travel writing from nineteenth-century China.

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