I am specialist in medieval literary studies and contemporary cultural studies, as well as a publisher, with a wide variety of publications in poetry and poetics, intellectual history, queer studies, ethical philosophy, affect and embodiment, state violence and sovereignty, object studies, post/humanisms, and scholarly communications. I am the Founding Ingenitor of the happily defunct BABEL Working Group, Founding Editor of postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies, and Founding Director of punctum books: spontaneous acts of scholarly combustion. You can read more about the philosophy and mission of punctum books here: “A Vision Statement for Thinking, Writing, and Publishing Otherwise in the University without Condition.”


B.A., English, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1984

M.F.A., Fiction, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1992

Ph.D., Medieval Literature / Intellectual History, University of Tennessee, 2001 (Dissertation: “Beowulf and the Floating Wreck of History”)

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