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I’ve worked in the creative industries as an exhibiting and community artist, sessional academic and graphic design lecturer. In 2017 I completed a Diploma of Concept Art with CG SPECTRUM focusing on digital drawing. In 2013 I graduated from Curtin University with a PhD in art and philosophy. My thesis “Her Beauty and Her Terror: Portrait of an Archetypal Land” is free to download from Humanities Commons. In 2022 my article “The Beauty of Terror” was published by Taylor and Francis in CG Jung Society of Los Angeles’s journal “Psychological Perspectives”. Download the pdf here.


Doctor of Philosophy (Arts), Curtin University, WA – 2013

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Michelle Frantom (2021) The Beauty of Terror, Psychological Perspectives, 64:4, 480-501, DOI: 10.1080/00332925.2021.2043702

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