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I’m a social geographer with a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE), at LISER since 2015, and with interests ranging from urban planning to continental philosophy. What unites my research trajectory is a concern with the spatial dimension of social inequalities, from an empirical and a theoretical perspective. My research focuses on the points at which the disciplines of geography, economics and urban sociology intersect, with the aim of exploring the insights revealed by the confrontation of different types of data, methods and analytical frameworks. I have published on Haussmann’s transformation of Paris, on gentrification linked to the private rental sector in the United Kingdom and on the application of the ideas of contemporary philosopher Alain Badiou in the social sciences. I am currently working on the mechanisms underlying the long-run concentration in the ownership of land and housing in Luxembourg as part of the project ‘Territorial Inequality’ supported by the Luxembourg National Research fund (FNR).

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