My current research focuses on nineteenth-century freethought periodicals. As a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow I am working on the project  ‘Reading the Freethought Movement: Atheism, Agnosticism, and Secularism, 1866–1907’. I am co-editor on the Routledge Historical Resource Nineteenth-Century Religion and Literature, Vol. 4 Disbelief and New Beliefs, with Naomi Hetherington (2020), with whom I am also editing a forthcoming special issue on religion for Victorian Popular Fictions Journal.  I have previously been awarded a 2017 Curran Fellowship by the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals to undertake a project titled ‘Reviewing The Secular Review (1876-1907)’.

My monograph – Constance Naden: Scientist, Philosopher and Poet – won the 2017 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Nineteenth-Century Studies and was published in October 2019; it builds upon my PhD thesis on Naden as an exemplary Victorian interdisciplinary thinker. It is the first full-length study on Naden’s life and works. Aspects of my research on Naden have been published in articles in Victorian Poetry (2018), Journal of Victorian Culture (with Sarah Parker, 2018), and Literature Compass (2017). I have also published on gender, class, and disability in the case of the artificial hand in Victorian Literature and Culture (2017).

I am the editor of the British Association for Victorian Studies newsletter, and I was previously the editorial assistant for the journal Modernist Cultures.

I was previously Research Impact Officer for UCL’s Faculties of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, where I taught on a variety of modules within the BA and MA programmes, and more recently taught on the BA Comparative Literature degree at UCL. I was the 2017/18 C19 Matters Early-Career Fellowship at Cardiff University (run jointly by BAVS and BARS).


Blog: https://nadensyearinsonnets.wordpress.com/


PhD, ‘Constance Naden as Scientist, Philosopher, and Poet’ (AHRC funded). University of Birmingham, 2017.

MLitt in Victorian Literature. University of Glasgow, 2011.

MA Hons. in English Literature. University of Glasgow, 2010.



Constance Naden: Scientist, Philosopher, Poet. (Peter Lang, 2019).

Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society, Vol. 4 Disbelief and New Beliefs. Ed. by Naomi Hetherington and Clare Stainthorp (Routledge, 2020).



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Policy Report

Structurally Unsound. UCL and Resolution Foundation ‘Exploring Inequalities: Igniting research to better inform UK policy’ project report (2019).Co-authored with Siobhan Morris, Oliver Patel, and Olivia Stevenson. [30,000 words]

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