I completed my PhD, ‘On the Origins and Development of Crom Dubh’, under the supervision of Dr. Elva Johnston in University College Dublin in 2017 and am currently working at UCD as an occasional lecturer. My research is focused on the Christian treatment of non-Christian aspects of early Irish society and the developing legend of Saint Patrick.


Apart from my PhD, I hold a MA in Early Irish History (UCD, 2011), a BA in European History (University of Maryland, 2010), and a BS in cultural geography (including GIS training, University of Maryland, 2010).

Other Publications

Article (Forthcoming)
‘The many deaths of Tigernmas’, Conference Proceedings, DIAS.

Book Review (2017)
‘Noel Kissane, Saint Brigid of Kildare: Life, Legend and Cult‘, JRSAI 146.

Book Review (2015)
‘Jacqueline Borsje, The Celtic Evil Eye and Related Mythological Motifs in Medieval Ireland‘, Peritia 26.

Book Review (2015)
The Origin of Ireland’s Holy Wells by Celeste Ray’, Béaloideas 83.

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