Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), Columbia University, 1964.
M.A. (Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Latin Literature), University of California, Berkeley, 1959.
B.A. (summa cum laude in Latin and English) St. Anselm College, 1958.

Other Publications

1. books
Neopoetics: The Evolution of the Literate Imagination. Columbia University Press, 2016
Paleopoetics: The Evolution of the Preliterate Imagination. Columbia University Press, 2013
Homeland Mythology: Biblical Narratives in American Culture. Penn State Press, 2007.
Authority Figures: Metaphors of Mastery from the Iliad to the Apocalypse. Rowman & Littlefield, 1996.
The Poetics of the Mind’s Eye: Literature and the Psychology of Imagination. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991.

Reading the Written Image: Verbal Play, Interpretation, and the Roots of Iconophobia. Penn State Press, 1991.
The Daphnis and Chloe of Longus. (trans.) Imprint Society, 1972.
The Uses of Observation: Correspondential Vision in the Writings of Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman. De Gruyter, 1971.
The Act of Poetry: A Practical Introduction to the Reading of Poems. Random House, 1970.

2. selected articles

“Animus Inscriptus: An Out-of-Body Embodiment?” In The Embodied Basis of Constructions in Greek and Latin, ed. E. Mocciaro & W. Short. Berlin & New York: De Gruyter Mouton, 2019.

“Palaeopoetics: Prefatory Notes Toward a Cognitive History of Poetry.” In Cognitive Semiotics, Issue 2 (Spring, 2008), 41-64.

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“Groundless Figures: Reader Response to Verbal Imagery.” The CEA Critic, 51.1 (1988), 11-29.

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“Figure, Ground, and Open Field.” New York Quarterly, no. 10, Winter,1972, 118-127.

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