Brad Osborn is Associate Professor of Music theory at the University of Kansas. He is the author of the monograph Everything in its Right Place: Analyzing Radiohead (Oxford University Press, 2016). Osborn’s other research on post-millennial rock music is published in Music Theory SpectrumPerspectives of New MusicMusic Analysis, and Music Theory Online. He is currently writing a monograph about MTV’s Buzz Clips, a series of music videos in the 1990s. Outside of academia, Brad writes and records shoegazey post-rock as the artist D’Archipelago, described by one recent critic as “synth droid-core for replicants.”


B.S. in Music Education, Missouri State University (2003)

M.M. in Music Theory, Florida State University (2006)

Ph.D. in Music Theory, University of Washington (2010)

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