André Pitol is a researcher in artistic, educational and curatorial projects in Brazil and he focuses on art history and criticism and photography. He has developed extensive historical and art research on the works of Brazilian photographer Alair Gomes, and is the author of Alair Gomes: Photography, Art Criticism and Sexuality (2013) and “Ask me to send these photos to you”: The Artistic Production of Alair Gomes in the United States (2016).


He is a member of the Research Group on Art, Design and Digital Media (GP_ADMD), of USP and also a member of the Art Criticism Group of São Paulo Cultural Center (2019-2020). Since 2017, he has been an ad hoc reviewer of Brazilian and British academic journals in the field of arts and photography. In 2019, he participated in the 3rd ed. of the Technologies and Network Art project: Black Technologies, with the courses Black Cloud: Technological Glossary for Black Artists and Researchers and How To Black: Technological Procedures Manual in Artistic Experiments. Has experience in: Visual Arts, Photography, Art History and Criticism, and Digital Curation.


Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the Visual Arts program at the USP researching Digital Curation and Contemporary Art. I hold a Master’s degree in History, Criticism and Theory of Art (2016) and a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts / Printmaking (2013) from the University of São Paulo (USP).

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