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    Nuria Rodríguez Ortega is chair of the Department of Art History at the University of Málaga, where she teaches courses in aesthetics, terminological and textual research, digital humanities and digital art history. She obtained her doctorate in art history from the University of Málaga, and has a diploma in digital humanities from the University of Castilla La Mancha. In 1998, she was a graduate intern in the Getty Vocabulary Program, and in 2000 she was a visiting scholar at the University of Hawaii, where she worked with Prof. F.W. Riggs. She lectures frequently at various Spanish universities on topics relating to digital humanities and cultural heritage management.

    Nuria’s research focuses on two main lines of investigation: artistic and critical theory; and cultural heritage in the digital realm under the wide frame of Digital Humanities studies. Since 2006, she has led a research project, ATENEA, financed by the Ministry of Innovation and Science of the Spanish government. The objective of this project is to develop a digital library of Spanish artistic texts from the 16th through the 18th centuries, linked to a historical/critical terminological-conceptual thesaurus, the TTC. Since 2009 also, she is coordinating in collaboration with Murtha Baca the Digital Mellini Project, a joint initiative of the University of Málaga and the Getty Research Institute, whose main objective is to explore new ways of collaborative critical edition of art-historical texts in the digital realm. Moreover, she is involved in the development of the Getty Scholar Workspace together the Getty staff and the INHA art-historians group.

    Currently, she is the director of the research group iArtHis ( of the University of Málaga, whose main purposes are the development of the Digital Art History in the Spanish context. She is also the promoter and coordinator on behalf of the University of Málaga of ReArte.Dix (, the First International Network about Digital Studies of the Artistic Culture in the Spanish-speakers countries. Since July 2013, she is the Vicepresident of the Asociación Internacional de Humanidades Digitales Hispánicas (HDH) (

    Nuria is the author of numerous books and articles related to digital resources for the history of art and its theoretical, critical and methodological problematic issues. She has given presentations on these topics at international venues such as the Annual Conference on Digital Humanities, organized by ADHO (Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations). Among her most recent publications it deserves be remarked the book Teoría y literatura artística en la sociedad digital. Construcción y aplicabilidad de colecciones textuales informatizadas (Gijón, Trea, 2009); the articles: «La cultura histórico-artística y la Historia del Arte en la sociedad digital. Una reflexión crítica sobre los modos de hacer Historia del Arte en un nuevo contexto» (2010) and “Discursos y narrativas digitales desde la perspectiva de la museología crítica” (2011), in the scientific journal Museo y Territorio (University of Málaga and Junta de Andalucía); and the chapters’ book: «Interpretación, construcción y mediación digital en los procesos de recepción artística» (2013). (In: Arciniega García, L., La obra interminable. Uso y recepción del arte, Valencia-Madrid: Universidad de Valencia y Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, pp. 443-461); and “El museo y su problematización digital en el sistema-red») (In: Bellido Gant, Mª L. Museo y Arte en el siglo XXI, Barcelona: Università Oberta de Cantalunya, forthcoming in 2014).

    She is also engaged with the promotion of the reflection about digital humanities and digital art history among the scholars community, leading several seminars on this topic, such as El patrimonio historico-artístico e Internet: perspectivas de futuro (2008) ; Documentación del patrimonio histórico-artístico: del inventario de bienes a la web semantica (2010) ; the international workshop Digital Art History: challenges, tools, practical solutions (2011), co-organized by the Getty Research Institute and the University of Málaga; and the forthcoming international summer course “Culturas y prácticas artísticas en la sociedad digital” (July 2012, University of Málaga).

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