Digital Humanities in the Slavic Field was formed to support the teaching, scholarship, curation, and preservation of digitally-rendered work in Slavic (as well as East European and Eurasian) Studies. We focus on those disciplines in the humanities that have recently begun to include digitally-based practices, but also aim to connect humanists with their social scientist colleagues who have a longer history with these methodologies and approaches.

Slavic DH + Global DH

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    Andrew Janco

    Dear Slavic DH community,
    A call for papers was recently posted for a volume on Global Debates in the Digital Humanities. The editors are seeking significant articles that have “not received due attention for linguistic, cultural, or political reasons.”

    As an organization dedicated to supporting Digital Humanities work in the Slavic Field, we see this volume and an opportunity to feature the work of regional scholars, communicate the distinctiveness of Slavic DH research and its significance for the broader field of Global Digital Humanities.

    Such work might detail the history of scholarship and debates in Eastern Europe, Russia and/or Eurasia. It could detail a specific genealogy of ideas and set of research problems. It might be a translation of a seminal work that is unknown to English-language readers.

    If we do our job right, the editors of the volume will have to choose from many submissions from our community. We’re looking to support this initiative in whatever ways we can.  To that end, we are asking for your advice and expertise to get the discussion going.

    Here is a link to a Google form.

    Please tell us, who you believe to be the most significant and exciting scholars in our field? Imagine who is best positioned to write on our behalf. Secondly, what are the most important works or projects of scholarship in Slavic Digital Humanities? What would you translate to share with Anglophone colleagues? Finally, what are the scholarly questions and problems that we face as a region or field that are not represented in existing English-language works on Digital Humanities?

    We are also asking for volunteers to help with translations. While articles will be available online in their original language, the print volume will contain translations. As Alex Gil has argued, it is unfair to ask that scholars pay for translations of their work. We at Slavic DH
    hope to provide assistance with translation as needed from volunteers in the community.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts. We will make the results available on our site as an ongoing resource.

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