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John Carroll University: Professor of Slavic Languages

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    John Carroll University in University Heights, OH, has experienced the sudden loss of our professor of Slavic Languages, Fr. Gerald Sabo, S.J., on Saturday, October 25. Because he was teaching three classes, we are seeking replacement instructor(s) to begin as soon as possible through the end of the semester.

    Fr. Sabo was teaching:

    · Slovak 101, 10:00-10:50 am MWF

    · Short Fiction of the 19th century: Russian, Slovak, Czech (in English), 9:00-9:50 am MWF

    · Short Fiction Since 1900: Russian, Slovak, Czech (in English), 11:00-11:50 am MWF

    Our classes are all online this semester, so the instructor would not need to be in the Cleveland area. The instructor would need to be able to use Zoom and to learn the basics of our university’s course management system (Canvas). I would be happy to assist with these.

    Any interested persons should contact the department chair at the email address below.

    Dr. Gwen Compton-Engle

    Professor of Classics

    Chair, Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Cultures

    John Carroll University

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