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The Institute for Humane Studies Offering Conference and Research Grant

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    Tori Lawson

    Grants of up to $750 to Cover the Cost of Traveling to Conferences for Graduate Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

    While traveling across the country to present your research at academic conferences is a great way to draw attention to and get feedback on your work, the cost of a plane ticket and a hotel can be an inconvenient, if not prohibitive, strain on a tight budget. Fortunately, financial assistance is available.

    To help advance promising research that studies the concept of a free society, the Institute for Humane Studies offers a Conference and Research Grant which can provide up to $750 to cover your travel costs to conferences or research workshops.

    Eligible students should be in the humanities and social sciences, seeking to answer important societal questions using quantitative or qualitative research to advance freedom, justice, peace, and prosperity in the modern world.

    Visit the Institute for Humane Studies’ website to learn more and apply.

    Contact Info: Nigel Ashford

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