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RusTrans Funded Literary Translation Opportunity: Ru-Eng

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    ASEEES Admin

    With apologies for cross-posting, I’d like to remind everyone on this list about the opportunity for literary translators from Russian that Dr Muireann Maguire and I are offering through our ERC-funded project RusTrans. You can find out all the details here:

    Translators Wanted – Apply Now!

    In essence, if you are one of the five lucky translators whose projects are selected for support, you will be paid up to £1000 for an extended sample translation plus a smaller lump sum for submitting us a short report on your efforts to publish the full translation. This is a chance to get paid for pitching your dream project to a publisher, or to seed-fund work on a new translation which might not otherwise be economically viable for you. Whether or not you are successful in finding a publisher for your project, we’d like to hear more on how you go about it (which firms you approach, what feedback you get, if any, whether you obtain further funding) as this will help to inform our academic study of the Russian-English literary translation market. All personal information used in the study will be fully anonymized. Please see our website at the link above for further terms and conditions. This opportunity isn’t just for emerging translators – anyone can apply (with some restrictions on subject matter and publication dates).

    Just over a month now until our March 31st deadline!

    Please do share this with your wider networks, and consider following us on Twitter @Rustransdark for further updates. If you have queries, please contact us at rather than through this list.
    Cathy McAteer

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