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    Kathleen Thompson

    Seeking panelists for a roundtable on digital initiatives aimed at connecting Russian-related resources across the U.S to create a scholarly network of “all things Russian”. A brief word on the larger goals of the “Russian Virginia” project, which originated at the University of Virginia: “Our hope is that this site will provide students, researchers, and the wider public with a deep and comprehensive knowledge not only of Russian culture but, more importantly, of the culture in their immediate and neighboring communities. On a broader note, we hope to inspire our colleagues and their students in other states across the U.S. to create, or build on, similar digital initiatives to create a nationwide network of Russian cultural resources. This network—which would include a full interactive map with Russian events and sites in each state—would be a real celebration of the Russian contribution to life in the U.S., and would be a step toward visualizing exactly how richly multicultural our society is.”

    Currently we have as participants:

    Edith Clowes, Maria Bakatkina, and me, University of Virginia, discussing the collaborative website “Russian Virginia”

    Megan Luttrell, University of Kansas, discussing the collaborative website “Russian Kansas”

    If you are working on a similar initiative, or would like to start working on such, please contact me at kmt4n@virginia.edu. Thank you!

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