• Literatura de Hispanoamérica (Part 1)

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    This is a blended course which aims to enable 3rd and 4th year university students of Spanish to find desired information on the beginnings of Spanish American literature, to hone their thought processes, and to communicate their findings efficiently in written and oral form. It also assists instructors in evaluating the work that students submit and communicating their judgments in such a way as to help students substantially enhance their abilities. By presenting an Introduction to the work of each author, the online Program provides the students with a model of how to approach a new subject and extract meaningful information from the masses of data that are publicly available. By embarking on a research subject by themselves and doing a variety of online and classroom exercises, the students learn the essential methods of research, discover how to weigh the accuracy and value of their findings, become skilled at editing their conclusions, and utilize the space available for written and oral communication to best effect.
    The entire program can be accessed at http://www.acadarts.org/literatura/poc/home.html Important: In navigating from one exercise to another when doing the course, DO NOT click the back and forward buttons in your browser, but move from the exercise where you are working to the one which you would like to begin by clicking the name of the new exercise IN THE MENU.
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