• Syllabus for English 102 Expository Writing (Spring 2016)

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    “Expository Writing” is crafted to help students learn to write and think critically. In an effort to hone our critical minds and strengthen our writing, we will focus on the learned skills of summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing. In addition to several short essays, you will also be writing a multi-source paper of greater length – the Research Paper. Anything can be bought; but can anyone be bought? Are you selling? Or are you selling out? How do we live in the world today? Can we escape capitalism? Would we want to? While art is born out of the market, the two are nevertheless both at odds and in opposition to one another. In fact, success in the market is often understood to mean a decrease in artistic “value.” Conversely, a product high in “artistic” quality is frequently accepted as less profitable. “Selling out” is a phrase used to describe the act of compromising one’s self with the expectation of some sort of gain. Think of all those bands you know that “sell out.” An important part of this equation is desire. Why do you want what you want? What makes something desirable? Have you ever “sold out” for love? For work? How then do we reconcile these seemingly conflicting forces – art, capitalism, and love? Engaging with texts that challenge why we make art, why we love, and, at the same time, call these very notions into question, we will read novels, films, and songs as we explore the convergence of art, love, and money. This is a student-centered course. You must participate to learn. I emphasize participation, including listening, thinking, lecture, Vining, group discussion, Instagraming, small group discussion, reflection, reading, writing, Tweeting, and work-shopping.
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