• Art w/ music, and spiritual-psychic experiences:; .J Schulkin, & G.Raglan Our evolution is tightly bound to music....helps to facilitate social cooperative. Art as “collective Paul Klee - Synthesizing "inner vision" -; Langer - origins + Jungian psyche &

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    .“MUSIC is a fundamental part of our evolution; we probably sang before we spoke in syntactically guided sentences. Song is represented across animal worlds; birds and whales produce sounds, though not always melodic to our ears, but still rich in semantically communicative functions. Song is not surprisingly tied to a vast array of semiotics that pervade nature: calling attention to oneself, expanding oneself, selling oneself, deceiving others, reaching out to others and calling on others. The creative capability so inherent in music is a unique human trait.” Jay Schulkin, medical researcher, and Greta B. Raglan Paul Klee (1879 to 1940), a German artist highlighted the eternal struggle of human beings to synthesize the “inner vision” with “outside experience.” Paul Klee was a member of the Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) group from 1911-1914, a group consisting of Russian immigrants and German artists was an eclectic group. However, the artists did share a common desire to express spiritual truths through their art. Chelsea Ann Rulofson , in Spirituality In Modern Art, observes that Paul Klee “saw the creative act as a magical experience in which the artist was enabled in moments of illumination to combine an inner vision with an outer experience of the world…He believed that his inner truth, his inner vision, was revealed not only in the subject, the color, and shapes as defined entities, but even more in the process of creation.” P.24 That built in innate drive of human consciousness to synthesize and fuse the “inner vision” with reality, the world, or “outer experience” is a core characteristic of most if not all of human endeavors in the humanities.
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