• A framework toward inclusive practices in EFL: The example of LGBTQI+ identities

    Angelos Bollas (see profile)
    LGBTQ Studies
    Sex instruction, Homosexuality, English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers
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    Equality, diversity, and inclusion are at the core of all educational reforms taking place at this moment around the world. However, the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) industry has not yet followed through. This chapter focuses on the inclusion of LGBTQI+ references in EFL materials as an example of inclusive practice but aims to be adaptable to any other groups affected by exclusion. Despite recent attempts to address this issue in international and local conferences, coursebooks seem to be hesitant to include LGBTQI+ references which can challenge the visibility of such identities from the EFL classroom. In justifying the need for inclusion of LGBTQI+ references in the EFL classroom, this chapter draws on motivation, queer studies, and materials development theories. In doing so, it confirms the invisibility of LGBTQI+ references in published mainstream English Language Teaching (ELT) coursebooks and it explains how learners’ motivation is affected by this invisibility. Once the need for inclusion of LGBTQI+ identities is established, the chapter offers a practical framework for materials design and overall equality, diversity, and inclusion practices in the 21st century classroom. These can be used by classroom practitioners in order for them to provide their learners with lessons and learning environments which are inclusive for all. Additionally, this framework focuses on raising learners’ awareness of the linguistic aspect of discriminatory behaviour toward LGBTQI+ individuals and, in effect, eliminate it.
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