• 3 Myths about the Arms Race.

    Derek Rasmussen (see profile)
    Arms race--Moral and ethical aspects, Imperialism, Anti-imperialist movements, Nuclear crisis stability, Nuclear warfare--Moral and ethical aspects, Peace movements
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    Includes portions of a 1985 interview with historian Martin J. Sherwin about his first book: A World Destroyed; which he wrote after getting access to the atom bomb documents declassified after 30 years of secrecy (long before he co-wrote the Oppenheimer biography, source of the blockbuster 2023 film). Sherwin and other experts are sources to debunk Three Myths: (1) The Myth that nuclear bombs dropped on Japan shortened the war. Wrong. They didn't shorten the war, they lengthened it. Japan was trying to surrender in July 1945; USA didn't accept their terms until after it got to try out its two types of atomic bombs on Japanese people on Aug 6th & 9th, 1945. (2) Myth that US hasn't 'used' nukes since WW2. USA has used nukes many times, much as a bank robber uses a gun, whether he pulls the trigger or not. In fact USA has used nukes in this way over a dozen times to threaten non-nuclear Third World states that have the temerity to try to seize back control of resources that US corporations want to profit from. (3) Myth that Russia has more nukes than USA, thus justifying an arms race (in fact US nuclear arsenal is much larger than Russia's).
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