• The Winning Team- How can it help an organization to transform from Good to Great?

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    The business world today is getting more complex and competitive by every passing day. For any business to be successful and develop a business model that can be sustainable in the long run, its leaders need to create strong teams around them helped by the work environment and the culture that promotes trust and faith amongst its people. No leader can create a successful blueprint alone and therefore they need a strong and powerful team who can back them to not only sail through the troubled waters in today`s cut through competition but also sustain in the long run to create value for all their stakeholders- people, shareholders, investors, clients, suppliers, and the community at large. The objective of this study paper, therefore, is to i) Deeply understand the role of leadership in developing a business model & a work culture that helps in creating a positive winning team that can help the business to grow, sustain in the long run and create value for its stakeholders. A business model is an engine of an organization while the strong positive team is premium fuel to run the engine. ii) Do a comparative case study of the culture of two businesses- one with positive culture and people centric approach and the other with negative work culture and the resultant impact on their businesses. iii) To draw an outcome that businesses who care for their people and exercise people centric leadership practices can create a great value for their stakeholders in the long run. iv) And finally, to draw conclusion that how positive winning teams can transform a business organization from good to great. To meet the objective of this study paper, we shall be doing the comparative case studies of two companies – Barry- Wehmiller, a USA based large capital equipment and engineering solutions manufacturing multinational and (called BW here) and Byju`s – an Indian multinational education technology company.
    Submitted as Dissertation to University of Mumbai as part of Masters of Arts in Leadership Science
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