• But I’m a Music Librarian!: Evidence Synthesis Librarianship 101

    Becca Fülöp (see profile)
    Atlantic Chapter of the Music Library Association
    Systematic reviews (Medical research), Music libraries, Music librarianship, Music therapy, Music in education, Career development
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    Conference paper
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    AtMLA 2023
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    West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
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    Oct. 6-7, 2023
    evidence synthesis reviews, music education, music librarians, music libraries, music therapy, professional development, systematic reviews
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    New music librarians bring various expectations to their first non-student library jobs. Most do not expect to be asked to take part in evidence synthesis work. Evidence synthesis reviews, often referred to metonymically as “systematic reviews,” emerged in the health sciences as a way for clinicians and researchers to synthesize large amounts of data to make better healthcare and policy choices; they have since spread to the social sciences, including music therapy and music education. But regardless of the discipline, librarians have come to the fore as being best suited for performing the complex and comprehensive database searches required by the rigorous standards of evidence synthesis practice. And so, music librarians increasingly find themselves in the unexpected position of being asked to support evidence synthesis work alongside their medical and social science colleagues. In addition to creating search strategies, the librarian is often called upon to supply additional support such as providing education, registering the protocol, and filing documentation. In this presentation, I will introduce evidence synthesis and systematic reviews in the context of music in the social sciences and the role of the librarian. My goal is to provide a basis for how music librarians unfamiliar with this type of work can quickly pick up the tools and vocabulary to help their own patrons who come to them with evidence synthesis questions. While intimidating at first, evidence synthesis work can be a rewarding and exciting challenge for librarians willing to step slightly outside of the music library box.
    This file contains a PDF of my slide deck from the presentation with presenter notes for each slide.
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