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    Many people have misconceptions about spirituality. Many consider traditional religious practices to be 'spirituality'. Many consider practising miracles or communicating with ghosts as spiritual practices. But that is not true spirituality. Freed from blind belief and blind-following, moving consciously and open-mindedly along the path of reasoning for self-knowledge, self-realization and self-development is true spirituality. Many people have gone astray and ruined their lives by falling into the trap of so-called spiritual gurus through religious beliefs. Some keep trying to awaken the dead person's head in the hope of benefiting from black magic instead of trying to awaken their own head in the right way. However, if someone has a strong desire to practice ghosts and miracles, then I would advise them to go ahead after acquiring pure spiritual knowledge to make themselves mature and qualified. thank you Just knowing about spirituality is not enough. In order to achieve spiritual development, one must regularly practice certain types of yoga with devotion. The most important yoga among them is Mahamanana self meditation. Later a separate course on self meditation will be started. Spiritual development is actually the development of mind and consciousness. Spiritual power or strength is the power and strength of the mind. By developing the mind, the power and strength of the mind will develop. In the name of spiritual progress, many fall into deceptive traps and are led astray on the basis of superstition, and suffer greatly instead of development. Therefore, one must first acquire the right knowledge about the mind. Know your mind well. Then, to develop the mind, one has to practise some special yogic methods logically.
    Real human development is possible only through spiritual development
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