• Mobility Justice and Big Data in urban planning: Towards an ecological approach to space of flows

    Marianna Charitonidou (see profile)
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    Conference paper
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    critic|all V International Conference on Architecture Design & Criticism
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    TU Delft
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    10-11 October 2023
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    The necessity to combine sustainable methods in architectural and urban design and democratization calls for a shift from technical to the socio-technical perspectives within the field of architecture and urban planning. At the centre of the paper is the conviction that this endeavour of combining social and environmental equity goes hand in hand with the intention of placing emphasis in critical thinking, self-reflection, and social awareness. It departs from the intention to re-invent what Kevin Lynch called “mental maps” or “cognitive maps” within the contemporary context within which we have the possibilities of elaboration of advanced methods of mapping. taking into consideration the latest advancements in the field of urban mapping and traffic engineering, the paper intends to enhance a new understanding of historiographical questions concerning the impact of the automobile on our perception and experience of the city. Nowadays, Big Data streams generated by mobile phones allow one to observe urban mobility at an unprecedented scale. Within the current context that is characterised by a rising concern about the impact of climate crisis, the endeavours to shape sustainable methods in architecture and urban planning are based on the use of advanced technologies such as urban scale digital twins and other tools aiming to visualise several parameters that are pivotal for establishing relevant approaches through real-time mapping. The paper investigates how “motility” and “mobility justice” are of great importance for understanding the relationship between architectural and urban politics, migration and ecology. It also intends to relate Kevin Lynch’s mental maps to the contemporary context. Moreover, the paper relates the endeavours of using urban scale digital twins for urban mobility policy decisions to concepts such as “space of flows”, Ecumenopolis”, and “planetary urbanization”.
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