• Territorial division along a century, features and differences

    Afrim Krasniqi (see profile)
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    Conference proceeding
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    The 2 nd International Conference on Research and Educatıon – Challenges Toward the Future
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    University of Shkodra
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    May, 30-31, 2014
    territorial division, the constitution, political interests, citizens
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    Albania is in a new phase of territorial division, a constitutional practice that expresses internal organizational needs and development prospects in the coming years. The concept of territorial division, the criteria for this division, problems and effects of its operation over a century remain an object of study and an important factor to create a clearer vision on its future. Because of the importance of the problem, the lack of such comparative studies and the need for professional treatment of this division process across a century, this study examines the common feature and difference of this process and argues that the administrative division in each period has been and remains an important political act, a reflection of the nature of the governmental systems and vision on the development prospects of the country. The study analyzes the legislation and administrative separation projects in 100 years, focusing mainly on the early years of the Albanian state, the period of the Albanian monarchy, the communist period and the period of democratic transition. It analyzes the factors that have contributed in each case, the features of these divisions, the most obvious effects that they have given in the national and political organization, as well as reports of divisions with the own citizen requirements/expectations. Leaving behind the actuality, retrospectively and historical perspective, the study advocates that the process of administrative division at any time is and remains one of the most important decisions for the country, for the representative and political institutions, as well as an important indicator for designing the Albania of the next decades.
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