• Transforming Classroom Learning into Contributions to Black Studies Library Research Guides

    Olaocha Nwabara, Alessandra Otero Ramos
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    Conference poster
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    ARLIS/NA 51st Annual Conference
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    Mexico City
    2023 ARLIS/NA Conference, Black studies
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    Our poster engages a collaboration between Library Instruction and Black Studies/English, examining how we used an interdisciplinary pedagogy to create an environment where students understand themselves as contributors to the disciplines. Over the course of four years, the librarian came to the professor’s courses to provide scaffolded library instruction, which over time deepened and expanded to a development of transformational projects where the students provided knowledge back to the library. Both parties understood the need for more resources in Black Studies available to students on campus, let alone Humanities courses. So library instruction eventually led to students’ contribution to the library’s online Black/Africana Studies Research Guide. In this way, the student’s material became available beyond the courses of instructions as these research guides can be accessed world wide through the library website. Additionally, Black Studies asks scholars and learners to consider solutions to issues within the field/community. In a similar matter, Information and Library Studies encourages faculty librarians to advocate and support diversity in the curriculum. This came together with the notion that both faculty members’ pedagogical approaches center students’ ability to participate in scholarly conversations in theory and action. This poster presents case studies – through Nigerian Literature, African Women Literature, African Folklore and Oral Literature courses at the 100 and 400 levels – of the process and outcomes of this experience, as an offering to the academic community of how this collaboration can yield creative projects that are useful to larger academic audiences. Ultimately, we hope that the students’ contributions to the library’s collection helps to transform their understanding of education, by understanding how their classroom experiences can become tangible resources to various communities.
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