• Art & Spirituality; Paul Klee - Synthesizing "inner vision" with "outside experience; Langer - origins dancing, music, painting. J Schulkin, & G.Raglan Our evolution is tightly bound to music....helps to facilitate social cooperative. Art as “collective p

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    Music, Art, Folk dancing, Science fiction films, Jungian psychology, Klee, Paul, 1879-1940, Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890, Langer, Susanne K. (Susanne Katherina Knauth), 1895-1985, Subconsciousness, Motivation (Psychology)
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    "Every culture develops some kind of art as surely as it develops language. Some primitive cultures have no real mythology or religion, but all have some art - dance, song, design (sometimes only on tools or on the human body). Dance, above all, seems to be the oldest elaborated art..... Art is, indeed, the spearhead of human development, social and individual. What sort of thing is art, that it should play such a leading role in human development? It is not an intellectual pursuit, but is necessary to intellectual life; it is not religion, but grows up with religion, serves it, and in large measure determines it." Susanne K. Langer, in her article, The Cultural Importance of the Arts Jay Schulkin, medical researcher, and Greta B. Raglan reinforce and supplement what Langer says, “Music is a fundamental part of our evolution; we probably sang before we spoke in syntactically guided sentences. Song is represented across animal worlds; birds and whales produce sounds, though not always melodic to our ears, but still rich in semantically communicative functions. Song is not surprisingly tied to a vast array of semiotics that pervade nature: calling attention to oneself, expanding oneself, selling oneself, deceiving others, reaching out to others and calling on others. The creative capability so inherent in music is a unique human trait.”
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