• Promoting Social Equity and Environmental Sustainability in Less Affluent Neighborhoods through Green Infrastructure

    Anna Gordon (see profile) , Dmitri Petrovich Volkov
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    Green infrastructure, encompassing natural and semi-natural spaces and systems, offers ecological and social benefits within urban areas. In the context of low-income communities, the social and environmental aspects of implementing green infrastructure assume significant importance. This research examines key terms related to green infrastructure in low-income communities, including social equity, ecosystem services, urban heat island effect, stormwater management, health and well-being, environmental justice, and community engagement. Social equity is essential for implementing green infrastructure in low-income communities, ensuring fair access to benefits and opportunities. Affordability, accessibility, and community engagement should be considered to incorporate residents' voices. Ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure are crucial in low-income communities with limited access to traditional infrastructure. These services include stormwater management, air purification, and temperature regulation, helping mitigate environmental hazards. The urban heat island effect is a challenge in low-income communities due to extensive impervious surfaces. Green infrastructure interventions like parks, urban forests, and green roofs provide shade and cooling effects to counteract this issue. Stormwater management is a significant concern in low-income communities with inadequate infrastructure. Green infrastructure elements such as rain gardens, permeable pavements, and bioswales absorb and filter stormwater runoff, reducing flooding and water pollution risks. Green infrastructure improves the physical and mental well-being of low-income residents.
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