• Unnaturalness of Hajj narratives: We-narrative and narrating performative collective subjectivity

    Muhamed Riyaz Chenganakkattil (see profile)
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    This article explores the performative aspects of Hajj and resultant collective subjectivity. It is attempted to theorize the collective nature of Hajj and collective subjectivity in the narratives of Hajj performance looking at the narratives written on Hajj and its experiences by Hajjis. It investigates the use of we-narrative, mainly found in the narratives of Hajj, which is probably used to evoke the feeling of community and collectivity in the readers or in the writer-performer himself or herself. It is argued that collective subjectivity is constructed through the narratives to display the collective character of Hajj. This kind of narrative process is seldom considered to be a part of conventional narrative structures and here it is categorized under the rubric of ‘unnatural narrative’. The exclusive character of we-narrative, as in Hajj narratives, has been considered for further analysis and an attempt has been made to conceptualize ‘we-narrative’ and ‘we-narrator’ under pertinent philosophical questions of ‘intentionality’ and ‘collective action’ and it is further made complex by taking them up in the narratological discussion on how to narrate the collective actions and what kind of persons can be used to capture the essence of the performance of ritual, Hajj pilgrimage as in case of this article.
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