• The impact of Oral and Written Story reconstruction on L2 Vocabulary Learning and Retention: A case of EFL Young Learners

    Ohood Alshammary, Setareh Bayat, Houman Bijani, Salim Said Bani Orabah (see profile)
    Cultural Studies, Education and Pedagogy, General Education, Linguistics, Open Educational Resources
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    Word acquisition was one of the important and essential parts for language learning. One of the learning difficulties that many L2 learners at all ages and proficiency levels face was meaningful vocabulary learning and retention as opposed to rote memorization of L2 words. Therefore, this study attempted to investigate the effectiveness of the story reconstruction, in the form of oral and written (storytelling and story writing), in improving young Iranian EFL learners’ vocabulary learning and retention in comparison to the conventional methods of L2 teaching. Few studies investigated the effect of different modes of story reconstruction (i.e. spoken & written mode) on EFL learners’ vocabulary learning .The participants were 60 language learners studying English in private language institute in Zanjan. They were young learners and their age range was 11-14. To meet the aim of the study, a 100-item Michigan grammar test and pre-test and post-test of vocabulary were administered to the participants in 3 groups (two experimental and 1 control groups) during conducting the study. The pre-test and post-test of vocabulary and the exam sheets on Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MTELP) of the experimental and control groups were scored by the researcher and then the collected data were analysed by using ANOVA analyses. Finally, the current research findings had benefits to everyone involved in English as foreign language teaching and learning process including, syllabus designers, foreign language teachers and administrators.
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