• What it Takes: Learning From the Experiences of Women in Academic Leadership

    Paige Alexander (see profile)
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    Lyman Briggs Research Symposium
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    Lyman Briggs College
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    Holmes Hall
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    April 24, 2023
    women in academia
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    The academy has contributed to centuries of marginalization and oppression of women throughout various disciplinary fields (e.g., natural or social sciences). Historically, the marginalization took the form of limited opportunity and access to education. To improve equitable access, young women are being mentored into STEM fields, yet the gender distribution is still heavily skewed towards men, particularly in universities. In fact, “women are less likely to maintain their positions long term or to be promoted to higher levels within academia.” (Krebsbach, 2022, p. 1). While it is true that women make up just under half of faculty in higher education (49.6%), the gender imbalance at the upper ranks is striking. Women make up approximately a quarter of the distribution at the professor rank in research-intensive institutions, and only 14% of presidents, provosts, and chancellors (Krebsbach, 2022). Women are overall less likely to succeed in higher education and often leave the field altogether. As a woman looking to enter this field, I was inspired to investigate the academic experiences of two deans who identify as women in higher education at research-intensive institutions.
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