• Principles Of Jurisdiction In Cyber Law

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    With the advent of globalisation, various forms of communication systems were developed and led to a new information age. Today, we live in the information age, information technology is a part of our daily life. Internet has truly become an essential factor for our existence. The whole world has become a global village with the help of internet. Though it has many advantages, the information technology has led to many cyber-crimes in cyber space such as cyber terrorism, data thefts, invasion of privacy and other computer based frauds. These e-crimes pose serious threats to national security as well as danger to life and economic loss to individuals. The main challenge that arises in adjudicating these cyber-crimes is the jurisdictional issues Jurisdictional issues in cyber space are occupying a prominent place with the advancement of technology and increase in cyber-crimes. We can say that the problem of jurisdiction in cyber space is a complete confusion and the borderless nature of internet has contributed to this confusion and contradictions. The burden of determining jurisdiction to the boundary less world of internet is on the courts. Until laws exist to address every possible cyber-crimes, internet jurisdiction will be largely determined through case laws.
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