• Teaching mysekf taxidermy in my kitchern: Supporting studio art students through collection development

    Cara Barker (see profile)
    ARLIS/NA Academic Library Division, ARLIS/NA Southeast Chapter, Decorative Arts, Craft and Design SIG
    Collection development (Libraries), Academic theses, Art--Study and teaching (Graduate), Art--Technique
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    ARLIS/NA Annual Conference 2023
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    Art Library Society of North America
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    Mexico City, MX
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    April 21, 2023
    collection development, technical books, Studio Arts, MFA Program, Art Practice as Research
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    Studio art students are innately curious and drawn to opportunities for learning and growing skills. This group often utilizes the library for specific resources to meet their research needs and to spark imagination via browsing. More than most disciplines, the library's entire collection is potentially relevant to these students. For librarians working outside of studio art, the Ns (LC section for Art) search the research needs of most art students. While true in certain situations, studio art students also find value in biology texts on lichen, the psychology of lucid dreaming, cultural histories of food, and any other subject that enhances their research practice. One area of the stacks not often discussed is the Technology section (LC classification T). This area is home to books on 'how' to make, not the finished products in exhibition catalogs and artist books. This section can show students how to mix glazes, use natural ingredients for printmaking, teach them basic woodworking skills, and provide recipes for taxidermy projects. With a primary focus on MFA students, the presenter will discuss their experience actively collecting in relevant areas of the T's to support the research needs of studio art students. The presenter will also discuss the non-art research needs of studio art students. The presenter will include examples from their program's graduate students to illustrate their collection development philosophy and practice.
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